We offer education that is Christian from the ground up and uses the best tried and tested methods of the past to equip children for the future.


Classical education is about using tried and tested methods and getting back to what has served people for more than 2000 years. In other words it is old-fashioned education for a new generation.

The distinctives of Classical Education include Latin, the Great Books and the trivium.

You can read all about the world-wide Classical Christian movement here: The Classical Difference

Academics standards

As a pioneering school we are particularly anxious to ensure we meet and exceed all academic benchmarks. To this end we submit ourselves to a number of independent methods of benchmarking our academic standards.


Jesus is Lord of every area of life, not just the private ‘religious box’. At Trinity we believe that Jesus is the only way to be saved and the only way to make sense of the world we all live in. The Lordship of Christ is a public reality and it is profoundly unloving to keep that truth private.

We believe the gospel is good news for all people want to teach our children not to be ashamed of it.

Independent but accountable

Trinity Classical School does not belong to any specific denomination but all Board members are required to subscribe to our statement of faith (which cannot be changed) and be under the authority of a local church.

Where teaching is discipleship and discipleship is teaching

Great Expectations

We believe in play but we also believe in high standards – both academic and moral. We have found that with the right support and encouragement children really respond to a challenge.

Our children are challenged to memorise scripture, poetry and their times tables. Children who finish their assigned maths problems in class get offered more challenging problems to stretch them.

And perhaps most significantly, we expect everyone to try everything. In this way many children have discovered a gift in art or a love for singing (or whatever else they try) that they did not expect.


Education is more that the acquiring of knowledge; it is the shaping of the whole person to grow in wisdom. Education is moral just as much as it is academic.

The Bible says that the fool says in his heart that there is no God. We don’t want to produce clever fools. We want to produce children (and inevitably adults) who know and love the Lord God and love and understand his world and their place in it. 

Giving childhood back to children

Our children only have one childhood. We believe God has designed children to learn through much play. Our children are expected to diligently complete homework from Monday to Thursday. However, we do not assign homework on Fridays or weekends because we believe children need time to climb trees, look at the sky and read books just for the fun of it!